Insomnia rPG Soundtrack preview page!

We’re happy to say that we’ve launched the page with the audio content from the game.  The site has a list of tracks from the InSomnia RPG official soundtrack, you can find the page following the link in MEDIA section!


The #24 update has been posted on kickstarter

The 24th update has been posted on kickstarter. In this update we will reveal some information on one of the main locations of the upcoming demo – Reservation D-106, and share some facts on those who inhabit the area. Read full text on Kickstarter


Kickstarter update #23 InSomnia RPG Demo Development process

The 23th update has been posted on kickstarter. The update reveals some details about a 3-4 hour long demo that Studio MONO has been working on. The full text is available on the Kickstarter website. Also, new pictures have been added to the Concept and Illustrations section. Enjoy!

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