Kickstarter update #23 InSomnia RPG Demo Development process

    The 23th update has been posted on kickstarter. The update reveals some details about a 3-4 hour long demo that Studio MONO has been working on. The full text is available on the Kickstarter website. Also, new pictures have been added to the Concept and Illustrations section. Enjoy!


    Concept art galleries updated

    Our concept art galleries had some extensive upgrades! The section got some new art pieces by the team’s artists, whose talent and hard work serve to make InSomnia’s visual style deeper and wider with every day. New pieces aside, the section’s got some new technical changes as well: concepts can be shared on social networks, saved for later use and viewed with more comfort. Give the updated galleries a look – and we, again, thank our artists for their amazing work.



    Our forum is up! It’s available in two languages, russian and english, and is open for every registered user. However, be advised: the forum is in beta. Any suggestions, bug reports, ideas and related thoughts should be posted in the related topic (Forum Suggestions). We also ask you to respect the forum rules and respect other users – keep the discussion coherent and fun for everybody.